Erosion, Sediment and Water Pollution Control Program

This section assists in the protection of County surface waters. Staff provides construction water quality technical and educational assistance on both private development and public construction projects. Depending on project parameters, staff assistance can include:

  • Construction Storm Water Quality Training (CWA, NPDES, Construction General Permit, MS4 Permit, etc.)
  • Federal, State and Local Construction Storm Water Quality Permit Compliance
  • Construction Water Quality Permit Document (SWPPP, WPCP, ESCP, etc.) Review and Compliance
  • Construction General Permit and MS4 Permit Inspection and Monitoring
  • Construction General Permit and MS4 Permit Enforcement

Brett N​ichols, Construction Inspection Supervisor
Location: 9700 Goethe Rd, Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95827
Mail Code: 47-001A