Private Development

Subdivision/Frontage Inspection:

This section inspects improvements constructed by developers which ultimately become owned and maintained by the County. This includes streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, sanitary sewer systems, storm drains, water (if within a County Water District), streetlights, signals, and offsite improvements such as channels and pump stations. This section also covers improvements associated with commercial projects which involve frontage improvements such as road widening, utility tie-ins, new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streetlights, and signals. For Improvement Plan submittals or questions please contact Site Improvement Permit Section (SIPS)

Grading Permits​:

This section inspects all work associated with Grading Permits, Associated Erosion, and Sediment Control Requirements. For Grading Permits see Section 16.44.050 of the Sacramento County Code and contact SIPS


Alan Tannehill, Construction Inspection - North Area Supervisor
9700 Goethe Rd, Suite D, Sacramento, CA 958​​27
Mail Code: 47-001A

David Diaz, Construction Inspection - South Area Supervisor
9700 Goethe Rd, Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95827
Mail Code: 47-001A

Additional Information:​​

CMID Inspection Areas

Map of CMID Encroachment Inspection Areas

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Note: This section does not inspect Commercial Buildings or Homes; this type of inspection is conducted by Building Permits and Inspection, another division of Community Development.​​