Labor Compliance

The Labor Compliance Program (LCP) operates under approval of the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations in accordance with Section 1771.5 of the California Labor Code and Sections 16425 through 16439 of the California Code of Regulations. This Program is administered by the Labor Compliance Section of the Construction Management and Inspection Division.

The Labor Compliance Section is responsible for enforcement of both federal and state labor compliance requirements for all contracts advertised and awarded by the Municipal Services. The Labor Compliance staff assists contractors and County staff in meeting federal and state labor compliance and Labor Laws requirements by providing information and assistance regarding:

  • Labor Compliance Program Requirements
  • California Labor Law Requirements
  • State and Federal Prevailing Wages
  • Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE) Requirements and Analysis
  • Resolution of Non-Compliance Issues

Note: The California Labor Code requires that all public works projects are subject to the payment of prevailing wages. Every laborer, worker, or mechanic employed at the job site who performs a part of the contract work is subject to the labor provisions of the contract. The worker may be either an employee of the prime contractor, an employee of an approved or listed subcontractor, or some other person or firm who furnishes on-site labor, including specialist. The terms “jobsite” or “site of work” as applied to labor compliance are not limited to the actual geographic location or limits of the project. In addition, these terms include any location or facility established for the sole or primary purpose of contributing to the specific project.

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All questions regarding the Labor Compliance Program should be directed to the Labor Compliance Section, 916-875-2700.
Location: 9700 Goethe Rd, Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95827
Mail Code: 47-001A